About Us

The Dapper Man Shop is the premiere marketplace for designer, gently-worn ties and accessories. With no size component or "icky-factor," and high mark-ups on retail, ties and other accessories are ideal for the "used" market, yet there is no reliable way to purchase such items. Thrift shops are hit-or-miss and time-consuming, and eBay is unreliable and unregulated. Brought to you by the team behind FreshNeck.com, experts on all things neckwear, the DMS is your new go-to for the finest in like-new accessories. 

  • Ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more!
  • Only gently-worn, designer merchandise - no stains or pulled threads!
  • Curated by an experienced team of menswear experts, to only bring you the best in modern accessories!
  • 30-70% off retail prices!
  • based in NYC, the fashion capital of the world